No Campus Privileges For Anti-Israel Hate Groups

Through “Israeli Apartheid Weeks” and “Nakba” commemorations, phony student eviction notices and “checkpoint” harassments, campus organizations such as Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Students Association seek to demonize Israel and its Jews and transform the Islamic terrorists into “freedom fighters.” These groups are also the main supporters and promoters of the Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) campaign which was designed to further the goals of terrorist groups like Hamas to delegitimize, weaken and destroy the Jewish State.

These university-approved organizations engage in rhetoric and activities that clearly fall under the U.S. government’s official definition of “anti-Semitism.” They deny the Jewish people - and only the Jewish people - their right to self-determination; they demand that Israel live up to standards not expected of any other nation; they deploy classic anti-Semitic imagery and libels; they demonize Israel – the most tolerant nation in the Middle East – as an “apartheid state” and hold all Jews collectively responsible for the perceived actions of the Israeli state.  

These anti-Jewish events violate the most basic and universally held codes of student behavior promulgated by university administrations. Their sponsoring groups operate on university facilities, and with the support of university funds even though their hateful behaviors are explicitly forbidden under the rules of conduct administrators have promulgated, and which are invoked to protect every ethnic group but Jews.

Universities are obligated to enforce their own codes of conduct for all student organizations equally.  Campus hate groups like SJP are entitled to exist, but they are not entitled to official university recognition, privileges and funding.